Pomander floral kissing ball

The floral pomander ball is also known as the kissing ball. This lovely flower ball can be used as a wedding table centerpiece or simply suspended from a loop of decorative ribbon. The ball of flowers can either be held as a bouquet or used as wedding pew decorations for the ceremony - and at the wedding reception too.

Adult attendants in the bridal party can carry these lovely bouquets too, but young attendants such as flower girls and junior bridesmaids most often carry them as they are so practical and easy to hold. They can be decorated and adorned with just about anything. Some of my favourite embellishments are pearls and gem stone crystals.

A few Pomander flower kissing balls that are brand new in the studio. Enjoy!

Hydrangea mauve & lavender flower girl pomander

Pink rose pearl & feather flower girl pomander

Sage green & cream flower girl pomander with berries

Red, yellow & pink rose flowerr girl pomander

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