Birdcage Wedding Card Holder Giveaway Contest

In honor of my latest creation, I have exciting news, I'd like to host my first ever give away. This luxurious Gift Card Birdcage will look so beautiful on your Wedding Gift table! This centerpiece your guests are sure to love, and compliment.

It's measurements are 18" h by 8" w by 8" d.  with a 71/4 by 7 1/4 inch opening at the top. Also this cage has 4 glass panels in side cage, once cards are placed inside they can only be removed through top opening.

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Silk Gerbera daisy bouquet


I love Gerbera daisies in wedding bouquets, fresh or silk gerbera have always been a wedding favorite. A litte bit about them, well they are known as a flower for all seasons. Gerber daisy bridal bouquets are a beautiful and versatile option for any bride. Gerber daisies can be used alone as a lovely, natural looking bouquet, or they can be mixed with other flowers, greenery, and accents for more formal arrangements for the bride and bridesmaids to carry. Here are a couple or Gerbera bouquet ideas.

Gerber Daisy and Roses Bouquet: The effect of these two flowers together is lovely and romantic, especially is posy, nosegay, or other circular bouquets.

Gerber Daisy Clutch Bouquet: A traditional European hand tied bouquet is a lovely option for this flower. Show off the sweet, romantic appeal of the blooms by using flowers only or a tiny bit of greenery below the flowers; or for a more classic look, incorporate additional flowers and greenery. Pretty matching ribbon handle with gems or pearls set off the bouquet.


Christie's Colorful Bouquet

Colorful flowers can be a great way for you to express your personality and style in your wedding. The key is to choose flowers that are elegant and rich in color. Roses and Orchids and Callas are excellent options, as they are available in a beautiful array of colors. Colorful flowers are always fun for a summer wedding. One of the newest trends is to enhance your bouquet with colorful feathers. Match some of the shades in the feathers to your flowers. Deep purple with yellow and green flowers look stunning with the peacock feathers.

Brides who love the flowers in deep colors can get the right level of drama and elegance with deep purple and red flowers in combination. Rich colors are wonderful for a winter wedding. Roses and orchids are among the best types of flowers for dark colorful bouquets. If you want to make the bouquets even more elegant, add some glitter, gem stones or rhinestone embellishments. Express yourself with colorful wedding bouquets. Christie our bride, loves color and it shows with this fabulous pop of color in her bouquets.


Wedding flower bridal bouquet set, white lilies, callas & roses

This gorgeous brides bouquet is made from finest quality silk flowers. Large and small cream/white roses, callas, lilies, stephanotis with gem stone centers, loops of iridescent ribbon throughout and to frame bouquet. Handle is an elegant silver bouquet holder. Measures 9" wide x 12" tall.


Practical Wedding Favors

Many guests bring home their wedding favors and just set them on a shelf somewhere, then often forget about them. Make sure your favors are memorable by giving your guests something practical.
Practical wedding favors can be just about anything, as long as they can serve a useful purpose at your wedding reception and in a guest’s home as well. Things like bottle openers, wine glasses, and shot glasses are absolute necessities at your wedding reception, so why not make them personalized with your wedding details and give them out. When your guests take these wedding favors home, they can actually use them. Function and style are key to giving your guests something memorable. Practical favors are great for serving multiple purposes. They can be used by your guests during the event, they act as decorative accents for your reception tables, and they make adorable favors for everyone to bring home. Instead of plain coasters, have custom coasters made, or use picture frames with a photo of you and your fiancĂ© for your placeholders.


Choosing a centerpiece

When buying or designing your silk or fresh wedding centerpieces, you need to think carefully about the design of them. The most successful artificial centrepieces are those with a minimal but stunning flower design.
For instance here you can use a large goldfish bowl with twisted silk orchids and 'chinese lanterns'. This would look stunning for a Fall wedding theme. Likewise a tall slim vase such as the Eiffel tower vase with a stylish display of Dendrob Orchids or Gerberas, with  beargrass can look really effective.
Weather you choose to go with fresh or silk, I think a simple style of centerpiece works better than a mass of mixed silk flowers, that can look slightly dated or fussy. It will also allow you to spend more on the individual flowers achieving a better quality, as you wont have to buy so many. Simple is almost always makes a statement and gives a classier feel to the overall theme of the Wedding.


Pay it forward listings on etsy

This really benefits the buyer with an opportunity to make a really great purchase at less than cost and the seller increases in ratings, sales and reviews. as a result increases the sellers credibility. So be sure to check out my PIF listings in my Etsy store.

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Preserving your bouquet

There are a few methods commonly used to preserve and enjoy your bouquet for years to come. Dryng or drying agents.
  • You can use drying agents such as sand, silica gel or borax to preserve your own bouquet at home. The process involves covering each flower completely with the chosen substance to draw out moisture.
  • Press the flowers from your bouquet at home. Then frame your own pressed arrangement. Or use them in your scrapbook.
  • Create your own dried flower bouquet. This is perhaps the simplest preservation method to accomplish at home. Take the bouquet apart and hang the individual flowers to dry. Reassemble the bouquet. Take care with the resulting brittle petals and stems.
  • Another super easy method to drying your bouquet is to simply tie the stems and hang it upside down for at least a month for complete drying process. If you bouquet has roses inn it be sure to start drying process before the petals drop or their heads hang. If you wait to long the flowers will simply fall apart.
Have fun preserving your bouquet, It will be worth it a beautiful keepsake :)


Top 5 wedding flowers

  1. Rose: Rose is also known as the queen of the flower. Rose has always been used by poets and romantic writers as a reflection of beauty, emotion, true love and passion. No wonder rose is a perennial wedding flower! When it comes to wedding, you can take your pick from 3 main varieties of roses – garden roses, spray roses and hybrid tea roses.
  2. Calla Lily: The elegant calla lily can look sensational in a wedding bouquet. Calla lily comes in white, yellow, orange, creamy ivory, dark purple and in many more different colors. Two varieties of calla lily are popular in weddings – A long stem containing a large head, (suitable for a presentation style bouquet) and smaller version that can be ideal for nosegay bouquets.
  3. Tulip: Many find tulip as a beautiful wedding flower. Tulip comes in varieties of colors and each color symbolizes a powerful human emotion, can be just perfect for a wedding. Like to check it? Well, a red tulip conveys ‘declaration of love’, cream color tulip means ‘love forever’ and a yellow tulip means ‘hopelessly in love’. Romantic, isn’t it? You can also get it in 3 main varieties – Dutch tulips, parrot tulips and French tulips.
  4. Stephanotis: The fragile white stephanotis flowers symbolize ‘marital happiness’, which make them popular wedding flowers. If you are going for a formal wedding, then stephanotis bouquet and a boutonniere can be your choice. Not only are stephanotis usually  available throughout the year.
  5. Hydrangeas: The powerful presence of hydrangeas can infuse glamour and life to your wedding. A hydrangea is a cluster of small flowers, making a large ball. Blue hydrangeas are popular for use in wedding bouquets. White hydrangeas are very versatile as they can be sprayed almost any color with floral spray to match your wedding colour. You can use few stems of hydrangeas to fill out bouquets  or you can add few sprigs in a boutonniere.