Preserving your bouquet

There are a few methods commonly used to preserve and enjoy your bouquet for years to come. Dryng or drying agents.
  • You can use drying agents such as sand, silica gel or borax to preserve your own bouquet at home. The process involves covering each flower completely with the chosen substance to draw out moisture.
  • Press the flowers from your bouquet at home. Then frame your own pressed arrangement. Or use them in your scrapbook.
  • Create your own dried flower bouquet. This is perhaps the simplest preservation method to accomplish at home. Take the bouquet apart and hang the individual flowers to dry. Reassemble the bouquet. Take care with the resulting brittle petals and stems.
  • Another super easy method to drying your bouquet is to simply tie the stems and hang it upside down for at least a month for complete drying process. If you bouquet has roses inn it be sure to start drying process before the petals drop or their heads hang. If you wait to long the flowers will simply fall apart.
Have fun preserving your bouquet, It will be worth it a beautiful keepsake :)

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