Silk Gerbera daisy bouquet


I love Gerbera daisies in wedding bouquets, fresh or silk gerbera have always been a wedding favorite. A litte bit about them, well they are known as a flower for all seasons. Gerber daisy bridal bouquets are a beautiful and versatile option for any bride. Gerber daisies can be used alone as a lovely, natural looking bouquet, or they can be mixed with other flowers, greenery, and accents for more formal arrangements for the bride and bridesmaids to carry. Here are a couple or Gerbera bouquet ideas.

Gerber Daisy and Roses Bouquet: The effect of these two flowers together is lovely and romantic, especially is posy, nosegay, or other circular bouquets.

Gerber Daisy Clutch Bouquet: A traditional European hand tied bouquet is a lovely option for this flower. Show off the sweet, romantic appeal of the blooms by using flowers only or a tiny bit of greenery below the flowers; or for a more classic look, incorporate additional flowers and greenery. Pretty matching ribbon handle with gems or pearls set off the bouquet.

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    The flowers should reflect the bride's style, coordinate with the theme or colours of the wedding and be in season. When you can't find the flowers fresh that you would like to use, or you just simply don't want to deal with them wilting too fast, opt for silk flowers for your bridal bouquet. Many silk flowers look real up close, and silk Gerbera daisies are an option that can be found easily in many colours in your local craft store. Thanks a lot........

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