Practical Wedding Favors

Many guests bring home their wedding favors and just set them on a shelf somewhere, then often forget about them. Make sure your favors are memorable by giving your guests something practical.
Practical wedding favors can be just about anything, as long as they can serve a useful purpose at your wedding reception and in a guest’s home as well. Things like bottle openers, wine glasses, and shot glasses are absolute necessities at your wedding reception, so why not make them personalized with your wedding details and give them out. When your guests take these wedding favors home, they can actually use them. Function and style are key to giving your guests something memorable. Practical favors are great for serving multiple purposes. They can be used by your guests during the event, they act as decorative accents for your reception tables, and they make adorable favors for everyone to bring home. Instead of plain coasters, have custom coasters made, or use picture frames with a photo of you and your fiancĂ© for your placeholders.

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