Top 5 wedding flowers

  1. Rose: Rose is also known as the queen of the flower. Rose has always been used by poets and romantic writers as a reflection of beauty, emotion, true love and passion. No wonder rose is a perennial wedding flower! When it comes to wedding, you can take your pick from 3 main varieties of roses – garden roses, spray roses and hybrid tea roses.
  2. Calla Lily: The elegant calla lily can look sensational in a wedding bouquet. Calla lily comes in white, yellow, orange, creamy ivory, dark purple and in many more different colors. Two varieties of calla lily are popular in weddings – A long stem containing a large head, (suitable for a presentation style bouquet) and smaller version that can be ideal for nosegay bouquets.
  3. Tulip: Many find tulip as a beautiful wedding flower. Tulip comes in varieties of colors and each color symbolizes a powerful human emotion, can be just perfect for a wedding. Like to check it? Well, a red tulip conveys ‘declaration of love’, cream color tulip means ‘love forever’ and a yellow tulip means ‘hopelessly in love’. Romantic, isn’t it? You can also get it in 3 main varieties – Dutch tulips, parrot tulips and French tulips.
  4. Stephanotis: The fragile white stephanotis flowers symbolize ‘marital happiness’, which make them popular wedding flowers. If you are going for a formal wedding, then stephanotis bouquet and a boutonniere can be your choice. Not only are stephanotis usually  available throughout the year.
  5. Hydrangeas: The powerful presence of hydrangeas can infuse glamour and life to your wedding. A hydrangea is a cluster of small flowers, making a large ball. Blue hydrangeas are popular for use in wedding bouquets. White hydrangeas are very versatile as they can be sprayed almost any color with floral spray to match your wedding colour. You can use few stems of hydrangeas to fill out bouquets  or you can add few sprigs in a boutonniere.

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