Christie's Colorful Bouquet

Colorful flowers can be a great way for you to express your personality and style in your wedding. The key is to choose flowers that are elegant and rich in color. Roses and Orchids and Callas are excellent options, as they are available in a beautiful array of colors. Colorful flowers are always fun for a summer wedding. One of the newest trends is to enhance your bouquet with colorful feathers. Match some of the shades in the feathers to your flowers. Deep purple with yellow and green flowers look stunning with the peacock feathers.

Brides who love the flowers in deep colors can get the right level of drama and elegance with deep purple and red flowers in combination. Rich colors are wonderful for a winter wedding. Roses and orchids are among the best types of flowers for dark colorful bouquets. If you want to make the bouquets even more elegant, add some glitter, gem stones or rhinestone embellishments. Express yourself with colorful wedding bouquets. Christie our bride, loves color and it shows with this fabulous pop of color in her bouquets.

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